Motivation for Radical Wellness

Empowering Holistic Health


I’m Freya Sherlock, a professional Chinese Medicine practitioner and WildFit coach. I offer private consultations for treatment with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine prescriptions and Tui Na bodywork. In addition, I coach WildFit 90-day personal transformation programmes. At Sherwood, my medicinal herb farm, I craft vitalised medicine products in my apothecary from organic botanicals made with a rigorous clinical understanding of Eastern and Western herbal medicine. Sherwood provides a holistic venue for group gatherings and events with a growing programme of courses and retreats. Sherwood Healing Hub is an initiative to provide access to natural healthcare for the community with regular low-cost multi-bed clinics. Welcome to the Radical Wellness Movement.
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Radical Wellness

I like questions. To answer them, we must contemplate, consider, discuss and debate. In doing so, we stretch – we grow – we expand – we transform. Questions that I encourage my clients to engage with might be:


What would radical wellness look like and feel like for me in my life, in my body, in my experience of being me?


How can I awaken a sense of The Sacred in my everyday life? How can I open up to my Inner World? Could I weave some magic into my everyday mundane?


What would radical wellness look like and feel like in my family life, in my workplace, in my community?


What would it look like and feel like if my home was a source of nourishment for me to be in?


What is it like for others to be around me? How do I show up in my relationships, in my work, in my community?


What is my relationship to purpose, to my contribution in life?


What is my relationship to rest, to relaxation, to following my bliss?


I don’t have to be limited to who I was yesterday - can I tune-in deeply to who I am today with a genuine openness to new possibilities for who I might be tomorrow?


What would it take to be living the best version of who I am, today?

Bridging Ancient and Future Medicine

As a Chinese Medicine practitioner and natural health consultant, I honour both the art and science of medicine. I aim to stand at the fulcrum of medical traditions. With deep tap-roots in the ancient traditions of Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism, I draw on their wisdom, knowledge and time-honoured skills that have been empirically gathered, tried and tested over millennia. While I harness Nature’s medicine cabinet on the one hand, I embrace the future of medicine on the other, keeping abreast of the latest research and advances in how we can optimally support and enhance our health with ground-breaking new paradigms in health and medicine.
As such, I aim to engage science with soul, honouring the immense scope of traditional botanical medicine and energetic modalities such as Acupuncture with a scientific eye of robust discernment and rigorous precision.
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