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Thousand years worth medical knowledge

Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) represents a vast body of knowledge gathered over several thousand years to offer a detailed repertoire of medicinal substances that are combined in countless ways to create “formulas” of medicine.
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Why choose Chinese Herbal Medicine?

While pharmaceutical medicine often extracts isolated compounds or active ingredients from natural medicinals or synthetically recreates them to produce marketable products, a formula of CHM will contain a complex synergy of natural medicinals that together, in concert, form a multi-tasking medicine.

In this way, complex conditions can be treated with a medicine that orchestrates a powerful range of treatment strategies to address the many facets of a person’s pathology in an intelligent and balanced way.

Jing Fang Herbal Prescriptions

Highly individualised
Chinese Herbal Medicine

Jing Fang is the name for the herbal formulas drawn from Classical Chinese Medicine as distinct from the formulas used more recently as a result of a re-working of Chinese Medicine under Chairman Mao’s reign in the 20th century, during which the more esoteric and energetic dimensions of the medical tradition were sadly lost. Drawn from the ancient classic, the Shang Han Lun that was written by the revered doctor Zhang Zhong-jing in around 500AD, it forms the bedrock of Chinese herbal theory and practice and is thankfully enjoying a timely reintegration and resurgence.
The strength and art of Chinese Herbal Medicine is in its capacity to created highly individualised medicine that is tailored to meet a patient’s own unique complexity of needs and their specific constellation of signs and symptoms. As such, traditional formulas are modified and changed in composition and dosage to reflect the patient’s current needs and which can then be regularly modified to map their treatment progress and to reflect their changing presentation of signs and symptoms. These are referred to as prescriptions and must be dispensed individually according to the practitioner’s instructions.
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Herbal Prescriptions from Freya Sherlock
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