My story and my love for plants

Hear a personal story of Freya Sherlock.

Meet Freya

Mother, Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine practitioner, botanical medicine artisan, gardener, wisdom-seeker, educator, forever student and lover of life. The plants made me do it! They beckoned me, with gentle nudges and coaxed me to walk the healer’s path.
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Ancient Tradition inspired by Plants

Plants led me East to Chinese Medicine and Daoism, an ancient tradition so rich with natural wisdom that my soul has drunk long and deep from its waters ever since. They led me West to Irish hillsides, woods and meadows, to heed the call of Celtic herblore and forest medicine. They inspire me, counsel me, keep my feet on the ground, soothe me, witness me and centre me when I have lost my way. They infuse my very being with awe, gratitude and that special kind of nourishment that being in and with the plant realm gives. They have taught me about kindness, generosity, benevolence, courage, resilience and interconnectedness. They encourage me to quieten, listen, soften and savour. And so, with them, I am in humble service to the healer’s journey.


We only get one run through this life. Making the most of each and every precious gift of a day, is my calling both personally and professionally. I am passionate about using my skills and years of training in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Irish botanical herblore and WildFit to help others gain optimal health in all areas of their lives with which to flourish and live to their highest potential.


Every day that can I help someone feel healthier, free of illness and symptoms that compromise their everyday wellbeing, be more positively engaged with themselves and their lives, more captain of their personal ship or better able to navigate their way through life with a sense of equanimity, clarity, empowerment and vitality, is for me, a day well-lived.

The Power of Education

The power of education to transform lives is a lifelong passion of mine. From co-founding and project-managing The Little School from 1995 – 2005, an holistic school for 3-12 year olds based on Steiner Waldorf principles through to founding and masterminding the accompanying adult education initiative Learning for Life that offered a diverse selection of courses with inspirational teachers plus being a senior lecturer at the College of Oriental Medicine, Cork for many years, I walk the twin paths of education and medicine.
I love being both sides of the educational experience, as an eternal student and enthusiastic educator. The immense scope of education to raise awareness, introduce mind-expanding ideas, cultivate new skills and help actualise our human potential is always such a richly transformative and rewarding process.
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Sherwood Venue - 60 acres of tranquility in West Cork

Sherwood Venue

My home. My haven. My love song. I welcome you to share in Her bountiful majesty.

As a mere human-being living amid the cathedral of nature at Sherwood, I dwell in humble awe of the intricate community of wild beings that I live amongst. When I sit still enough, quiet enough, long enough, dimensions of interconnection begin to reveal: the various neighbourhoods of birds, the realms of insects, the red squirrels inching closer to the garden with each passing year, the arrival of new plants on the winds. As Sherwood re-wilds, so I re-wild with Her.

Sherwood offers a fabulous venue for groups wishing to unplug, de-frag and be soothed by the nourishing embrace of abundant nature.

Sherwood Healing Hub

Sherwood Healing Hub

With the Irish healthcare system under unprecedented pressure to meet the needs of the populace, it is more urgent than ever that we learn how to support and enhance optimal health without relying on an over-burdened and under-resourced public health service.

These services shine best when left to focus on what they do best, attending to life-saving emergency care and treating advanced or recalcitrant diseases.


The onus therefore rests with each of us to understand the principles and practices for cultivating optimal health and learn ways to effectively treat everyday ailments, illnesses and injuries to better care for ourselves and our families.

Early Treatment

By treating imbalances and illnesses early with botanical medicines and natural therapies, we can often avoid the necessity of pharmaceutical interventions or medical procedures later.

The Hub

Sherwood Healing Hub is an initiative to develop a viable, affordable and effective healthcare option offering botanical medicine and natural therapies for the West Cork region whilst providing clinical supervision for students and encouraging exchange of knowledge and skills between health professionals.

Opening Dates

As well as offering consultations at my private clinic, The Sherwood Healing Hub initiative aims to provide low-cost multi-bed Chinese Medicine and complementary therapy clinics that will operate on a monthly basis once the pandemic restrictions have fully lifted.

Details: TBC

Please contact us with your expression of interest to be added to our student or patient mailing list.

Transformational Approach to
Personal Growth

Wildfit 90 Day Challenge - Freya Sherlock

WildFit Challenge

In my quest to promote radical wellness, I take clients through a 90-day WildFit Challenge to completely overhaul and transform their fundamental health and vitality. I build on this with a range of Deep Dive trainings at Sherwood that explore our human potential in the transformational growth space.

Radical Wellness Blog

Through my blog and upcoming podcast, I probe into what it means to foster radical wellness, as individuals and as families, socially in communities, in business and organisations and in our environments by examining research, investigating ground-breaking ideas, sharing grassroots wisdom, promoting extreme self-responsibility, growing social-justice conscience and advocating the radical health movement. In an era whereby mainstream healthcare is under unprecedented pressure with inadequate funding to meet the nation’s medical needs, it makes sense to empower people to assume self-responsibility for their health and wellbeing and to provide a robust and viable natural-medicine primary healthcare option.

Lavender hanging at Freya Sherlock apothecary

Medicinal Gardens

Meanwhile, in my down time, I am developing extensive medicinal gardens, creating a living apothecary of potent medicine and personal-care products for my natural medicine herbal dispensary at Sherwood.

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