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Chinese Medicine and Daoist Internal Arts are my bedrock. My home. My north star. My Happy Place. It is a fathomlessly deep ancient tradition that I have been exploring, learning and practising for over 30 years. Whether continually honing my acupuncture skills, diving ever more deeply in Classical Jing Fang herbal formulas, practising Neigong and Daoist Internal Arts, meditating with sunrise or reading wisdom from the sages at nightfall, life in the Daoist tradition is an epic and extraordinary adventure.
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Specialist in Chinese Medicine and Women’s Health

I have been blessed with many wonderful and some truly exceptional teachers throughout my career to whom I am deeply indebted and grateful for their contribution to who I am today and for the fulfilling and inspiring career in Chinese Medicine, Daoist internal arts, botanical herblore and WILDFIT that I can now, in turn, contribute.
Holistic Training
Having trained extensively with both a degree and masters in Chinese Medicine with a post-graduate specialism in Women’s Health (Gynaecology and Obstetrics), I am now focussed on plumbing the depths of Classical Jing Fang, the ancient roots of CHM, studying ongoingly with my teachers in China, Dr. Feng Shi-lun and Dr. Suzanne Robidoux. This timeless tradition has stood the test of time and continues to deliver a precise and profoundly effective modality for our modern-day illnesses.

In addition, I maintain a dedicated practice of self-cultivation in Daoist internal arts with my Neigong and Classical Chinese Medicine teacher, Damo Mitchell.

Freya Sherlock visiting a Chinese Medicine Dispensary in Beijing

Professional Development

Freya Sherlock and her Jing Fang Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine teachers.

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