Qi Gong &
Nei Gong

The deeper art of practising Chinese Medicine.

Qi Gong

The heart and the soul of the Chinese Medicine tradition

Learning Chinese Medicine is not only a rigorous academic process to grasp the theoretical framework and absorb some of its vast body of knowledge, but to practise it well relies heavily on the internal development of the practitioner, since their own Qi is instrumental in influencing the efficacy of treatment. Historically, the personal cultivation of practitioners and doctors was given as much importance as their level of medical skills and knowledge as this was long considered the true pathway towards reaching the higher levels of skill within Chinese medicine.
During the process of rapid modernisation in China during the past century, the allure of Westernisation has sadly resulted in the loss of the more esoteric and energetic dimensions of its medical tradition. Doctors and adepts who fled from China safeguarded these practices elsewhere in SE Asia and a renaissance in Classical Chinese Medicine is now beginning to restore the heart and soul of the tradition.
Chinese Medicine pattern

Foundations of Daoist Internal Arts

Training in the foundations of Qi Gong and Daoist Internal Arts will be available at Sherwood Healing Arts Centre in the future when lockdown restrictions are lifted and it is safe to convene in groups once again.
Sherwood Healing Hub
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