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Our Happy Clients!

Freya is truly the most awesome coach anyone could wish for – she combines her in-depth understanding of the WildFit weight loss programme and nutritional principles, with her extensive experience as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine bringing such a unique and brilliant combination of skills and knowledge.  Her immense generosity, deep wisdom, insight and committed dedication to supporting people on their WildFit journey towards health and transformation is extraordinary. This makes all the difference to a sometimes challenging process as we gradually learn to undo old habits of thinking and eating, and develop a new and sustainable relationship to food, our bodies and healthy eating in the service of full vitality, health and optimal energy.We had a fantastically supportive zoom group and Freya was an amazing group leader, inspiring us with videos and information every step of the way.  Freya’s approach to life is so inspirational it’s impossible not to be swept along by her enthusiasm – for life and for eating the WildFit way.  Every change was introduced gradually, and I can honestly say I didn’t resist or struggle with any of the ‘enhancements’.  It was what I and my body were calling out for.  Bring it on!


Tania D

NHS Couselling Psyhologist

My husband and I are doing Wildfit for our blood pressure and to lose weight which is working really well for us.

My Wildfit coach is the really kind, lovely Freya Sherlock who has been with us every step of the way. We are at the end of month 2 of 3 and between us we have lost 26 lbs already! BP coming down too!

It is really a lifestyle rather than a diet with a huge emphasis on health improvement. 

I have encountered many programmes and coaching approaches, but this is the best structured and best-supported course I have come across plus Freya is so dedicated to helping people.

I wish everyone WildFit solidarity as our slim future selves emerge, free from food cravings, and bursting with energy and self-esteem!


Dr. Rosy

GP of Integrative Medicine

The WildFit Weight Loss programme – 90 Day Challenge was like nothing I had ever encountered before.  Throughout my life I had only ever put weight on, slowly, over many years.  This three-month period proved to me that I could lose weight too.  I was motivated by having had a diagnosis of diabetes, with incredibly high blood sugar readings.  I was given a last chance before being put on medication.  Already my eyesight was badly affected, I had insatiable thirst and a host of other symptoms.  Within a matter of weeks, I was able to bring my blood sugars down to an acceptable level and my normal eyesight returned.  Slowly, the programme taught me how to eat without carbs and sugar, which had both been central to my daily food intake.  I went on a journey of discovery. It was brilliant! I began to enjoy eating in a way that felt truly nourishing and flavoursome. I lost 2 stone in three months which was fantastic. I have settled into a way of eating (still no carbs)  that has remained constant four months later.  Thank you so much Eric & Freya for leading the way with this truly life transforming way of eating


Pippi B

Media presenter

Transforming your mindset and your body

Anyone with a transformational mindset will inevitably want to include a strong focus on their health and fitness. Reclaiming our body is the first step to reclaiming our lives.

Our level of every day health and vitality is absolutely fundamental in either facilitating or limiting our capacity to flourish in all areas of life.

Weight loss Programme - WildFit 90 Day Challenge

Why WildFit - Weight Loss Programme?

The core principles behind what makes WildFit such a powerful weight loss programme.

Brain Science

How to rewire your brain’s response to food so you naturally gravitate towards the types of food your body needs at the right time for superior health.

Food Science

Why knowing what to eat (and what to avoid) is not enough. The key to a lifetime of vibrant health lies in merging nutritional science and behavioural psychology so you can ‘inoculate’ yourself from insidious food marketing.

No 'Diets'

Why 95% of people who take fad ‘diets’ regain their weight in 3 years and why using willpower to avoid foods you shouldn’t eat rarely ever works.

WildFit has a staggering 91% completion rate which is unheard of in terms of online learning.

Nutritional health in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Medicine, the Stomach and Spleen work in partnership and are regarded as the epicentre of our health. From this ‘engine room’ of digestive fires, the distillation of Qi (life-force) and Blood from our food and drink begins.

From here, our digestive physiology initiates vital internal processes across all our organ systems, fluid physiology and immuno-physiology. If our Spleen and Stomach health is compromised, inevitably other aspects of our health will, in time, become variously compromised as the domino effect ripples through our body.

The food industry is rife with processed foods, marketed with misleading and empty promises of nutrition and frequently laced with addictive but harmful chemicals. These foods are literally non-foods for our biology.

Our digestive systems struggle to generate the complex web of bio-constituents, biochemicals, enzymes, fluids, Qi and Blood from these fake foods, consequently undermining our overall health from the get-go.

Furthermore, from a Chinese Medicine perspective, not only are the Spleen and Stomach crucial in mounting our immune responses but also play a special role in Lung health, both of which are particularly necessary during these current times of the pandemic.

Discover food freedom

90 Day Transformational Programme

The WildFit 90 Day Challenge is a transformational weight loss programme that helps you discover food freedom by exploring your psychology around food and undoing the grip the food industry has over your eating habits.

Over 12 weeks, our weight loss programme leads you incrementally through significant behavioural, psychological and nutritional changes. As you become more nutritionally super-charged, your body mass re-balances, thereby naturally shedding excess weight.

Aside from the joy of transforming your body weight, shape and mass, most clients experience numerous non-scale victories with diverse positive improvements in their previous conditions and symptoms plus increased mental clarity, sleep, energy and vitality, positive mood and emotional wellbeing.

You are the primary authority on your body. During WildFit you learn to listen – attune – pay attention to and heed your body’s gentle plea for goodness and wholesome nutrition.

WildFit smoothie with Freya Sherlock

90 days of coaching to overhaul and optimise your health

For those who are ready to commit 90 days to prioritizing their health, re-wiring their body-beliefs and re-writing their script in life.
WildFit is a transformative 90-day nutritional change programme that uses powerful psychology, nutritional anthropology and supportive group coaching to overhaul your health from the inside out.

I work with people who have significant health issues and want to empower themselves with practical nutritional solutions to help overcome them.

I work with those who have tried numerous ‘diets’ and who have almost lost hope of ever having the body size they long for.
I work with people who have simply neglected their body and health for years in amongst all the other demands for their time and attention and who simply want to regain their vitality and cultivate radical wellness for themselves.
I work with people who don’t want to be limited to who they were yesterday but who are ready to explore who they really are today and embrace the possibility of who they could be tomorrow.
I work with women who have perhaps abandoned themselves while raising their families and who want to reclaim their lives and bodies.
I work with smart and thoughtful people who want to take an intelligent and joined-up approach to their health.
I work with people who are curious to learn and incorporate natural approaches to their healthcare.

WildFit will take you on a journey beyond anything you imagined in relation to your health.

Welcome to the Radical Wellness movement

My mission is to inspire people to live radically well lives. My passion is supporting people to truly flourish. You can be one of them.

Why WildFit?

The WildFit 90-Day Challenge – The Weight Loss Programme is a 3-month programme that transforms your relationship with food, changes your eating habits and helps empower you to reclaim your body and life.

For Life

Ready to transform the way you eat - not just for a few weeks but for life?

Love Food

Ready to feel vibrant and healthy while actually loving what you eat?

Inside Out

Ready to build a new relationship with your authentic self and your life - from the inside out?

Transform your relationship with food

This 12 week programme (with a bonus Week 13) is not about nagging you to eat ‘more of this’ and ‘less of that’.

Instead of self-denial, it is about discovering food freedom:
→ freedom from your own unconscious habits
→ freedom from the compelling lure of the processed food industry
→ freedom from believing your weight is a lost cause
→ freedom from your own inner critic
→ freedom from disempowerment and despondency

This 90 day programme is about discovering eye-opening nutritional insights, powerful psychological tools and everyday lifestyle hacks to ensure that you not only switch tracks but stay on track, making healthy choices for good.
The focus is on establishing first principles to cultivate enduring and grounded change from the inside, not giving you an artificial set of rules and austere restrictions to temporarily follow.
Salad at WildFit nutrition programme with Freya Sherlock

Do any of these ring true for you?

Do you feel a twinge of defeated dismay every time you reach for chips, ice-cream, cakes or chocolate?
Are you confused and bewildered by all the (often contradictory) advice out there on what to eat or what not to eat?
Do you dream of releasing weight permanently without going hungry, feeling a sense of lack of self-denial or adding stress to your meals.
Do you dream of bouncing out of bed and firing on all your cylinders with a mental clarity and enthusiasm for life you’d forgotten was even possible?
Do you want to love and trust and appreciate the body you have?
Are you afraid of spending the rest of your life with compromised health and vitality and believe it’s all down-hill from here?
Do you worry about your immunity and want to give yourself the best chance of avoiding illness or disease?
Do you wonder if you could improve your health so much that you could decrease or even overcome the need for medications?
Do you yearn to feel good in your outfits again?
Do you want to make such a profound shift in your relationship to your health that it ripples out across all aspects of your life and relationships?

If not now, then when??

Imagine if you could……

  • Know exactly how best to nourish your body for optimal health and vitality
  • Be genuinely free from sugar cravings and the food industry’s endless temptations
  • Cleanse your body of the toxins inherent in our modern diet and increase your ability to heal and rejuvenate
  • Make healthy choices by default – naturally and easily – simply because it’s who you’ve become
  • Become a change-maker in your family and community simply because others have noticed the new you and want ‘some of what you’ve got’
  • Feel better than you did 20 years ago
  • Age gracefully and healthily and with a twinkle in your eye.
Woman at Freya Sherlock's weight-loss programme

So what is involved…..?

  • Week by week guidance in manageable bite-sized videos on how to take small achievable steps towards optimal health.
  • More than 30 videos by charismatic WildFit founder Eric Edmeades, inspiring you every step of the programme.
  • Weekly group sessions by video conference with your personal WildFit Coach Freya Sherlock to mentor you.
  • Build solidarity and mutual support with your fellow cohort of committed individuals through your shared WildFit journey.
  • Explore what radical wellness in your life means for you and be supported in reaching for your dreams and goals.
  • Become empowered to make lasting positive changes in your life.
  • Realise how impactful nutrition is to your health and vitality through the educative aspect of the WildFit programme.
  • Become confident with skills and knowledge about how to truly support your body towards vibrant health.
  • Leave all that confusing and contradictory dieting advice behind and cultivate a life-long healthy lifestyle.
  • Become part of the WILDLY FITTER IRELAND movement.
  • Become part of the dynamic WildFit community worldwide.
In addition, WildFit clients have the unique and valuable opportunity of booking private consultations with Freya Sherlock for personalised treatments with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to support the recalibration of their health and to address any underlying illnesses or conditions they may have.

How the WildFit 90 Day Challenge works

Week 1 & 2

Week 2 - 12

Week 13

Support materials for your WildFit 90 Days Challenge

Coaching Sessions

Each week you get two live coaching sessions with your WildFit Coach Freya Sherlock and your cohort to help you engage fully with the programme and move you steadily towards positive change and success.

Programme Content

Each week you will receive a variety of videos with educational content, self-enquiry prompts and clear instructions on what exactly to do and to pay attention to that week. You will need to set aside approx 20 mins a day to watch the videos at a time that works for you.

WildFit Journal

Keeping a journal to accompany your journey is a great way to really dive into engaging with yourself and the programme as deeply as you can.


In addition to your group coaching calls and the full WildFit programme, you will receive additional bonuses to support your WildFit journey including:

Printable documents to guide you through the weekly enhancements


Downloadable recordings of the group coaching calls


Recipe resources to help expand your repertoire of WildFit friendly meals

Private Group

Membership to a private Facebook group where you will have access to ongoing resources, inspiration, recipes and solidarity with others on your shared WildFit journey


Lifetime access to the programme videos to keep you inspired, motivated and aligned with your re-set

When you do something, not because you ought to but because you WANT to – because it’s what feels good, it becomes natural, easy and effortless to live and eat this way. In WildFit, you learn to listen to your body’s gentle plea for wholesome nutritionally rich food.
As those muffled whispers become a resounding physiological cheer every time you heed them, you gradually change your biological and psychological environment. After 90 days you won’t even relate to some of the foods you’ve been eating for years.

“Getting enough of the good stuff is more important than cutting out the bad stuff”.

Eric Edmeades, Founder of WildFit
WildFit berries salad

Your financial investment in yourself

The all-inclusive investment for the full WildFit 90 Day Programme with Live Coaching Sessions is:


14 Day Trial
180 Try the first 14 days


3 Monthly Payments
330 monthly for three months


One Time Fee
899 if making a one-time payment in full

Spaces are very limited to keep each cohort personal and focussed.

If you are interested and would like to find out if WildFit is right for you, you’re welcome to
book a Discovery Call with Freya Sherlock to find out more.

Meet Your Coaches

Eric Edmeades

Join the WildFit 90 Day Weight Loss Programme Today

Join the Radical Wellness Revolution today, the quest to explore the art of better living and build the nutritional habits, lifestyle hacks and daily practices to help us cultivate optimal health in all dimensions of our everyday lives.
WildFit Quinoa Salad at Freya Sherlock WildFit Programme
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