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WildFit comes to Ireland

WildFit is an extraordinary revolution in potent nutritional health that is sweeping across the world and has now arrived in Ireland.

My initial intention when I signed up to take part in the WildFit 90 Day Challenge online weight loss program was to find a way to help my patients navigate the thorny territory of overhauling their diet in order to enhance and collaborate with their treatment plan at my Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Clinic in West Cork.

I thought I was in pretty good shape, enjoyed good health and ate reasonably well. How naive was I! Even as someone who didn’t have any illness, had good reliable energy, positive outlook and ok, who doesn’t have a few pounds (ahem, several kilos) to lose, I have found it truly and genuinely transformative.

It has been quite remarkable to discover the gears of my body and a little like learning to drive, realise that I can literally take my body in and out of either sugar or fat-burning metabolic modes through the signals and triggers that I send my ever-listening and ever-monitoring body via the foods that I eat. Suddenly, I am in the driving seat and able to consciously fuel my body according to the seasonal gears that I want to initiate and run.

It’s liberating and exhilarating in equal measure. All that weight that I had turned a blind eye to just fell away, and I feel a growing return to my pre ‘motherhood-of-four’ physique. I’m not quite there yet but I’m three stone nearer.

While WildFit has helped thousands of people to successfully and lastingly release pounds and kilos of unwanted weight, it is proving equally popular with frankly anyone wanting to make their health a priority and discover robust ways to cultivate optimal health, fitness and high performance with the sports world and business community also finding immense benefit in shifting to living the WildFit Way.

It was during my clinic life that the canary really caught my attention. I was increasingly observing how patients were coming in whose health was evidently being impacted and undermined by their diet. While we have evolved tremendously socially and culturally over the millennia, biologically and physiologically, we really haven’t evolved that much. As such, our bodies are simply not well equipped to tackle many of the modern foods that are now the norm. Consequently, the body’s digestive forces struggle to break down, transform and extract the nutrients so imperative for health from the foods we typically eat today.

In Chinese Medicine, these poorly and incompletely transformed foods are perceived to form “Internal Damp” in the body. Put in simple terms, instead of becoming physiological fluids in the right place, doing the right thing, they become pathological fluids in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing. This typically initiates a wide range of pathological cascades into illness depending on whether this Internal Damp obstructs and disrupts the digestive system, the respiratory system, the circulation, the immune system, the urino-genital or gynaecological system, the lymphatic system or the endocrine system and so on.

Whether patients came into my clinic with fertility issues, low-immunity concerns, the effects of long-Covid, IBS, anxiety or depression, chronic pain or Diabetes Type II to name a few examples, I could see that the accumulation of Internal Damp from the non-functional foods in their diet was a significant and complicating factor in their illness or condition. Our body’s evolutionary inability to transform many modern foods and production processes is a causative factor in how and why Internal Damp forms. Consequently, many modern illnesses and diseases are either rooted in or compounded by the nutritional deficiency and toxic load in our modern diet.

WildFit is an inspiring journey to wellness that penetrates food psychology and our relationship with foods, that educates and enlightens and that cultivates an instinct for healthy eating, all while guiding clients through significant transformation in a manageable and achievable way with online training and accompanying group coaching via regular video calls throughout the programme. It is based on nutritional anthropology and a deep understanding of what the human diet, in evolutionary terms, needs to be to experience rude health naturally.

During the 90-Day Challenge, clients are led incrementally through micro-changes that over the course of 13 weeks amount to transformative progress, not only in body size, shape and weight but more importantly, in a way that genuinely unhooks clients from the grip of food addictions and the pernicious ploys of the food industry that has us entrained to consume nutritionally compromised foods to our detriment.

So impressed by the content, structure, efficacy and charisma of the programme, that I am dedicated to helping others to discover food freedom and the radical wellness this can offer. While weight-loss is not the primary aim of WildFit, it is an almost inevitable consequence of re-calibrating our body and physiology so that it burns it’s fuel sources efficiently and effectively, resulting in not only shedding unwanted weight, but an incredible additional range of life enhancing benefits from improved quality of sleep, sustained energy levels and wellsprings of positivity to the reduction in recalcitrant symptoms from skin conditions, blood sugar related conditions, digestive and bowel disorders, endocrine and fertility conditions to name a few.

So, reclaim your health and vitality and discover the WildFit Way of Life in 90 days. Together let’s make Ireland a place of Radical Wellness.

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  1. I had no idea that WildFit is so successful. It is a huge testimonial to learn that it even works well with improving sports performance. WildFit is certainly worth a serious try.

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